WOP Brings You “Be It Purpose Excellence Recognition Awards” (BIPER). This year’s theme is (Yes We Can). The amazing fun is that October is Black History month, WOP via the BIPER Awards highlights, celebrates the many historic and contemporary contributions of human rights activists, humanitarians and the victories, struggles and stories of way pavers, especially for women of Afro descendant who can now stand and speak out and be heard. However, in honouring all activists, achievers, humanitarians and entrepreneurs WOP awards a few of the many at a time and celebrate you all every time at the BIPER Awards. It is important to celebrate heroes – heroines who fearlessly advocated for your right of freedom, dignity, the right to talk and the right to choice. It is also vital to KnowYourself and know not to measure yourself by others’ expectations or let others define your worth.

Connect for a purpose: network purposefully and “Be It Purpose Excellence”. Do better, keep doing good, keep on saving and serving humanity, communities, families, nations and earth. Get recognised for doing good and get celebrated for achieving, humanitarianism, philanthropreneurship, entrepreneurship, inspiring, empowering, motivating, beautician/MUA, designing, pastoring, ministering peacemaking, self-developing, and for all the good in you. Celebrate you!                                                                                                                                                              

On arrival  enjoy red carpet captures with friends and family, indulge to Hilton’s finest dinner while dancing to purpose and transformation. A total evening of inspiration and faire awaits you! Yes, you will be purposefully equipped and empowered. See You All on  the 13th of October 2018 

 You are, We are, together Yes We Are Missioned to Act, Yes We Can!

Women of Purpose (WOP) is hosting the BIPER Awards at Hilton London Canary Wharf, Marsh Wall South Quay Square, London E14 9SH

See You Soon

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